Astronauta Mecanico

Animação lançada no Arte Ocupa Lisboa, Paris… e também Hamburgo. Um projeto de Carlos Henrich.
Material criado na Ilha de Tavira-Portugal. Baseado em fatos reais.
Desenhos de Ivo Bassanti, com animação e áudio de Astronauta Mecanico.
Os dois artistas partiparam do projeto de ocupação artística com seus ateliês abertos durante um mês no Gangeviertel, Hamburgo.

Rauchhaus —, 2010.
AVAV /Sala do Veado (Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência) — Lisboa.PT, 2013.
AVAV /59 Rivoli — Paris.FR, 2013.

ZigZagSheriff is a co-production between two artists: Ivo Moreira — BASSANTI (PT) & ASTRONAUTA MECANICO (BR). This joint venture has started in 2010 and aims at combining the fields of action within which both artists have worked for more than ten years: drawing and painting + animation, video and live performance.

ZZS is an organic and permeable project that wishes to adapt itself to the scenario where it is presented. it is mostly a live performance project that includes video projection, animation, live painting/drawing, photography and music, either indoors or out on the streets. it is an exotic, sometimes awkward mixture of art, day-to-day life, adjective overdoses and travelling experiences, a melting pot of different soups put together on the same plate with a generous amount of spice and absurd humour. basically, it is a genuine excuse to have fun and celebrate.